Mopar Performance Distributor

There are several basic distributors available for the LA v-8s. 
A. With vacuum advance.
1. Most common are stock or aftermarket replacement distributors with aluminum housings.
2. Mopar Performance/Direct Connection version of the the stock distributor that has quicker advance curve.
3. Newer Mopar Perfomance version of the above made by Mallory.

B. No vacuum advance.
1. Cast iron housing unit made by Direct Connection with very quick advance and tach drive output.
2. Aluminum verion of the above made by Mopar Performance.

Drive roll pin from reluctor then remove vacuum canister and vac advance plate with pick up.

On stock and older MP units, also must remove spring clip inside main shaft inside the advance slot assembly. 

Weights and Springs Assembly in Mallory Made Distributor


Springs for Mallory Made Distributor