1967 Plymouth Barracuda

2009 Autocross @ Warminster
          County Park
 photo from 2009 Holbert Memorial Autocross, Warminster Pa.  Thanks Mike

"You'll never want to go straight again.

And why should you? . . .
. . . Go straight?  Be our guest. . . It's a great way to get from one curve to another."

Plymouth Barracuda, 1967 advertisement

    This is an ongoing project to make the car more competive in autocross and be enjoyable to drive on the road. The pages here will hopefully provide some insight and reference for others with similar goals.  When I started I knew that in the mid 1960s Scott Harvey and other engineers were road racing and rallying Chrysler Corporation's compact cars with some backing by the company.  However much of what they learned had become arcane; difficult to find and  apply.   But over the years I got the car pretty well sorted out as a sporty multi purpose car with help, a few books on handling, and insight from a small network of similar enthusiasts connected by the internet and hard experience.

 It is time to update these pages as there have been a number of changes to the car as well as the internet.  Also in the last few years there has been a growing after market of suspension improvement products for these cars.    So the need for these pages has shifted to the diehards who want to figure out how to make stock based suspension work, which actually isn't that hard.

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 Carburetor tuning forum (beyond the basics).
 Testing and modifying Distributor advance
 Understanding & Selecting Oil for flat tappet engines (R. Widman)
 Viscosity for Sunday driving vs. high speed racing (A. E. Haas)

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