Photos from Solo II Autocrosses

Note: Taking Photographs at Solo II events can be highly dangerous.  Please check with the event officials before engaging in this activity.

Northern New Jersey Region SCCA, Morris County  College, Sept . 24, 1989

Seth Esterkin  '67 Camaro SS RS                    Ron Peles  '65 ?  Corvair
                                             Rob Senft       '66 Mustang 289                    Ernie Anderson, Mustang SVO
Note: Although Seth's car is marked ESP in the photo, the next year everyone (exept Ron)  running older pony cars in the NNJ switched to C Prepared.

First & Last Autocross with the '74 Nova
NNJR SCCA, Middlesex County College, March 12, 1989    &   Linden Airport, 1990
   .  .           
VWs tend to lift when cornered hard!      Matt Grubel, '74 Nova (250cid 6)                                 photo by Scott Rueben
Left photos were my first Autocross.  Far right photo is one of the last autocrosses with the  '74 Nova.
Thanks to Chris Caruso for convincing me to go and not wait for the 'cuda project to get done.
I soon had "fixed" the worn out sway bar end links with polyurathane, installed new springs, and was running 70 series tires.  Besides, once the snow melted, the studded tires weren't appreciated by my friendly officials!

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