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Goals & Objectives Overview of Initial Work, Living History, Tools Discovery, Participating.

Soldier Hut Rehabilitation:

Bringing Back the Encampment Story

Living history presentation 1973 Visitors learning about soldier life during the1779-80 winter in 1973 when the recreated huts (and the livinghistory program) were fairly new.
1973 File Photo: Morristown NHP
In December of 1779, the Continental Army began felling acres of oak, walnut and chestnut to create a winter camp near Morristown New Jersey.  Most of the infantry brigades were assigned ground south of town described by Deputy Quartermaster General Abeel as “well covered with Timber” and with a good supply of water (letter to Gen. Greene, 23 November 1779).

Between 1964 and 1966 five huts were recreated to convey a small slice of an original camp street.  They are located where the Pennsylvania Brigades encamped from December 1779 to June 1780. These huts are now undergoing badly needed rehabilitation.  Key aspects of the project are: address causes of moisture problems; replacement of decayed materials; improve the accuracy of the exhibit where possible, and to better understand and interpret the original encampment.  A combination of  historical and modern techniques are being used to meet these goals.

Many individuals and groups have helped move the project along. Amongst the organizations are Prudential Insurance, the AT&T Pioneer Life Member Club, a volunteer group made up of AT&T retirees, Helm’s Company of the 2nd N.J Regiment, a non-profit recreated regiment committed to preservation and education about New Jersey during the Revolutionary War, and the The Washington Association of NJ.   To learn more, see Participating or contact Mathew Grubel, a preservation specialist leading the project.

Funding came primarily from the Fee Demonstration Program  where 80% of the money collected from entrance fees can be used for projects like this one. 
Cross Cutting log
File Photo: Morristown NHP

Project History - An Illustrated Overview
Advancing into the Past with Living History
Hutting Tools Discovery
Participating at the Pennsylvania Line

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* Articles by John Rees related to the 1779-80 Morristown encampment including blanket supply difficulties, and eyewitness accounts of the June 1780 campaign that ends the encampment.  This website also has a very comprehensive listing of land & sea battles.
* 2nd NJ Regiment Library More articles on the 1779-80 Morristown encampment including British and American troop strengths, life in camp, and an analysis of some original inspection returns. 

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