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    Body unrestored, Phila. Pa., Fall 1994                                   Three months after purchase.  March 2001, Phila. Pa.
                                                                                                  Wood grain removed and dents installed by previous owner


    This is the top page, and will link to the other pages on this site.
The Barracuda has been the center of my automotive interests for over ten years now.  Purpose of the page is to share  technical and performance information oriented toward handling more than restoration info., although there may be a little mixed in.

My Jeep a work truck, a "beater".  I have found that the web has been a major help in fixing, maintaining and improving it.

A Bicycle page will be put up last, because I have found very little need to exchange information on the web regarding bicycles.

Off-site links are on their respective pages, at least for now.

Disclaimer-Motor Vehicles:
     I don't use them everyday, and wish there were a whole lot less of them out on the road.  That said, they are a reality, so lets make the best of it, and have some fun too!    Its also pretty amazing what can be accomplished with vacuum and mechanical control such systems. (Given my druthers, I could skip the extra challenge provided by the emmission control systems with their myriad of vacuum lines and mechanical valves.  Challenging, yes.  A PIA - yes!)
    I really got my hands into cars after finishing engineering school (BSME from NCE@NJIT).  A little backwards, but so it goes.  As this page is not about me, but about the vehicles, we'll stop there.
    If you take advice, or copy something I have done, you are on your own.  I'm just trying to be helpful, but ou need to make your own decisions, and know about or discover the risks before barging ahead on any endevour.
    If you steal something I have written, or a picture I have taken or drawn, you are a thief.  Plain and simple.  If you wish to quote something, you are free to do so.  All I ask for is proper credit.  If you wish to quote or copy more than a couple of lines, then you must get my permission. -M. Grubel 

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