1985 AMC Jeep Grand Wagoneer
page 2: Body & Frame Repair

Front Body Mount Assembly - or what's left of it...

Insulators J5750373 & J5750374 from Jeep dealer.
Original Bolt,  Tube & Washer, and Flange Nut as removed from left front mount.
Rusty washers on left were not originally on Jeep (I think they are my work).

What is this mystery part ? 
Was it to help keep the bolt centered in the frame rail hole?

Location of Front Mounts on Frame.

Tube & WasherAssemblies, Original & Home made

Left. Tube & Washer from Jeep dealer for all except front mounts.
Right. Electrical conduit tubing and heavy washer used to make
replacement  Tube and Washer for the taller front mounts.

Two homemade front tubes after welding but before grinding and filing.
Note: Tacking the fillet first causes the tube to tilt so its better to tack
the washer on from the other side. Make a litte jig of blocks.  

Middle and Rear Body Mount Assemblies

Part number
                    & description added to drawing
(5) Solid Insulator  J5459186
2 3/4"  o.d.
1 7/8"  ht.  (not including nub)
Solid Mount Spacer on Wagoneer
   Original Top Shim  (J400 6115 ? )
with original flanged bolt 
and Flat Washer also shown

  Tube & Washer  J5459181
Overall height: 2"
Tube is 7/8" o.d.,   3/4" i.d.

Top Insulator J5459184
Main section is 2 11/16 Outer Diameter,  1 5/16 " tall  (or 1.325" ? )

 extension that goes into frame is 15/16"  Outer  Dia., + 5/8" hieght

  inside diameter is about 7/8"

Note:  Internally there is steel reinforcing sleeve

  Bottom Insulator  J5459515
  2 5/8" Outside Dia.
  1 5/16 Inside Diameter
  1" Hieght

Presumably Original flanged Bolt (S941 9091) & Flat Washer  (J400 6419) ?
7/16 - 14  (UNC) 

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