1985 AMC Jeep Grand Wagoneer
 Fuel Vapor Recovery System

Vapor Recovery System Operation:
This first set of diagrams is for 1984-5 systems using vapor canister  (aka charcoal canister) J323 2956.  This canister has four ports and an off-white housing.  The top is stamped 3232956.  Based on the parts books, it was used on North American SJ's with the 360cid v-8 from 1981-1985.  However, the system shown includes the vapor separator which we are only sure was used from 1984-85.   Please let us know if you have documentation one way or another on 1981-83. 
There is a second set of diagrams below for systems that used canister J 323 9479 used on 6 cylinders later v-8s.  To the best of our knowledge (so far) these cans differ in that the purge at idle is only through the vapor separator.  See discussion here on the IFSJA.org forum.
System & Venting

Primary and Secondary Purge

This second set of diagrams is for systems that used canister J 323 9479.  It was used on CJs, 1981-1985 6 cylinder SJs, and to the best of our knowledge (so far) on all SJs from 1986 to at least 1989.   (See discussion here on the IFSJA.org forum for the basis of this conclusion.)  Externally similar, this canister also has four ports on the top but has a black housing.  Internally, it has no idle purge passage.  Therefore, purge at idle for recovery systems with this can is done entirely through the vapor separator.  See illustrations below.
1986-89? system
86 up purge

Vapor Separator a.k.a.Liquid (Fuel) Trap Internal Layout

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